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What Note Holders Value in a Note Professional

A great deal of our time, money, and personal effort go into marketing our expertise and qualities to note holders. Once we’ve done a great job for them, repeat business, and referrals may follow. But first, we have to do business with them (buy their note). Marketing featuring the skills and qualities they value will give us a leg up in this area.

The simplistic look at note holders is that they want to sell their note quickly and at the highest dollar amount possible. It’s also true that note holders are likely to be reliant on their note professional (broker or investor) for help in the process. 

Note professionals know that we must help note holders to know what we do and value our services. From my many years of talking with note holders I have made a list of the skills and qualities of a note professional that actual note holders said they valued (from the most important down):

– Honesty and integrity

– Knowledge of purchase process

– Responsiveness

– Knowledge of the note market 

– Communication skills

There are others, including people skills and technical skills, but the above are the top items. 

In our marketing, we do use the internet, so why would technology skills rate low? Note the importance of responsiveness and communication skills. 

If a note holder’s entire initial interactions with you are only over the internet and by email, then those items would imply a need for some technical knowledge. Other than that, successful note professionals communicate with their note holders verbally (by phone), especially in the very beginning.

Whether your marketing features these skill sets mentioned above or not, it is important to your future business (repeat, referral and otherwise) to concentrate on doing your very best in these areas.

The qualities of a successful note professional as valued by the note holders vary by their needs. However, overall, we must be note market experts and service-oriented. Hope this helps! Remember success demands action, keep on marketing, it’s going to work! TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!)

Jeff Armstrong of Armstrong Capital has been a note investor and broker specializing in the performing seller financed note industry since 1991. For more updated and current information on how he can help you with your note business, your note investments or to request a quote on a note you currently have visit to email him and subscribe to his weekly Note-Able Newsletter.

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