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Note Structuring Consultation

Armstrong Capital Consulting

for Structuring Your Own Seller Financed Notes

If you are trying to sell your own property and are considering carrying back a note to facilitate the sale of your property you want to be sure you are doing it correctly AND that you are structuring the sale and note terms to make it the best most valuable note possible for you (the seller of the property and eventual note holder).

In doing so, you will know that you have a solid investment vehicle for yourself in the form of monthly cash flow (passive income) OR if you should need to sell your note in the future you will have the most valuable note possible that will help you receive top dollar for your note.

As the seller of a property considering seller financing and carrying back a note you have some very legitimate and specific questions:

  • How much should I sell my property for?
  • What if I still have a mortgage on the property?
  • How much down payment should I get?
  • What interest rate should I charge?
  • How long should the Note term be?
  • Can I use a balloon?
  • What about the Dodd-Frank Act?
  • What documents do I need to use?
  • Should I use a Title Company or Real Estate Attorney?

Armstrong Capital will assist you with the details involving the possibilities, negotiating, structuring and the organizing of generating a Seller Financed Note in reference to the potential sale of your property.

At the closing of the purchase or sale of your property Armstrong Capital will be due a consulting fee of 1% of the sales price of the property or 2% of the seller financed note (whichever is greater) to be paid at closing.

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