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Secrets of Paper

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Secrets of Paper - The Definitive Note Business Resource

The purpose of the Secrets of Paper is to provide quality information and educational opportunities through superior resources, helpful tools and action-oriented workshops. 

Our vision is to help you to create a rewarding business in the Note Industry or other industry through specific opportunities, resources, seminars, workshops, training and events. 

Our goal is to provide everything you need to succeed in and grow a business while becoming a more confident business professional.

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The Secrets of Paper was created in 2006 by Jeff Armstrong, business owner and entrepreneur since 1984 and veteran in the Note Industry since 1991, to primarily give you the opportunity to discover if the business of buying and brokering real estate secured notes is for you. As things developed and demand increased, Secrets of Paper has evolved to additionally provide corporate training, assistance with starting any type of business, creating marketing plans, communication, negotiating, customer service, management, leadership, emotional intelligence, motivation, business writing, dealing with difficult people and so much more.

Once you determine that you would like to start the note business and be a note professional, Secrets of Paper will then teach you exactly how the business works with straightforward and honest information presented in a step by step process that will give you a true jump start in the industry.

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Whether you are new to the Note Industry or looking for your next business challenge, we are committed to helping you succeed in this unique niche in the real estate, in the broader cash flow industry and in business.

To help you take advantage of these opportunities and become a more knowledgeable note professional and eventually a more educated note buyer, the Secrets of Paper offers quality resources, home study packages and periodic live events.

Each program is designed to engage you in a progressive hands-on learning environment that delivers timely business and Note Industry information and encourages active networking with other motivated note professionals of all experience levels.

Each resource and event below provides the latest and the most current information to help develop your knowledge base and encourage you to take a more active role in brokering and investing in real estate secured notes.

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Secrets of Paper topics to you or your group.

Secrets of Paper 101

So, you've decided to be a real estate note broker and have your own business. Before you jump into the unknown, this one day intensive will give you the information and tools to decide if this business is for you. Find out step by step what it takes and how it's done. Learn the good, the bad and the ugly prior to committing your time and money to a business that may or may not work for you.  This is a Beginner's Introduction and Overview...

Secrets of Paper 101 -  $99.00 Home Study Class (Recording of live workshop)

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Secrets of Paper 101 -  $249.00 Live One Day Workshop (Dates, locations, times TBA)

Secrets of Paper 201

This is an Advanced Beginner's continuation to the Secrets of Paper 101.  A live 3-day action-oriented workshop concentrating on Marketing, Beginning Calculator Skills and Negotiating.  In the Secrets of Paper 201 workshop we will expand on the note business process of how to Find them (the note holders), Expose them, Educate them and Support them to earn your FEES.  We will further break down the components of the seven basic steps (Basic Marketing, Gathering Information, Submit for Pricing, Obtain Offers, Subtracting Your Fee, Presenting the Options and Following up) into practical and effective solutions so that you have a hands on workable knowledge of the note business.  Once you learn the process and follow the steps correctly you will earn your  F.E.E.S. and be able to repeat the process again and again.

SOP 201 is for people who want to get into the seller financed note business, people who are just starting out in the business, people who have been dabbling in the business for a little while but now want to get serious, people who were in the business in the past but want to get back into it now or who are experienced note brokers and buyers that want to learn the latest marketing methods that are working in our current market.  It is also for real estate agents, real estate brokers and mortgage professionals who are not doing as well as they were a couple years ago, who want to add something to their business to keep the cash flow coming in and who want to learn how seller financed notes can help them sell more properties in any market.

A live 3-day action-oriented workshop concentrating on Marketing, Beginning Calculator Skills and Negotiating...

Secrets of Paper 201 -  $497.00 Home Study Course (Recording of live workshop with workbook)

Secrets of Paper 201 -  $1,497.00 Live Three Day Workshop (Dates, locations, times TBA)

Secrets of Paper Live Training and Education

Contact Jeff for information on presenting a current and topical 90 minute Note Business presentation at your meeting OR any of these Secrets of Paper workshops to your group.

Secrets of Paper 102

This two day workshop is for the beginner who needs to refine their marketing and could use more proficiency with the calculator.  It can also be used as a refresher for the advanced beginner and experienced note broker as well.   You will receive practical marketing solutions and become proficient with advanced calculator skills. This is a hands on field mentoring type of class with refined marketing details that include telephone scripts and role playing as well as real practice with handling the first call and calculating different options on current real deals. This is a great follow up to both the 101 and 201 workshops.  New or experienced you've got to keep up with current marketing methods and calculator proficiency is something note brokers need to have.

Secrets of Paper 102 -  $497.00 Live Two Day Workshop (Dates, locations, times TBA)

Secrets of Paper 301

Have you been thinking about being involved in the Note Business? Brokering notes you come across or actually BUYING a note for yourself? Do you desire long term Passive Income?

Secrets of Paper 301 is the intermediate continuation to the Secrets of Paper workshop series.  SOP 301 is a live hands-on workshop focusing on Product Knowledge (the many different ways to buy a note), Advanced Calculator Skills, Advanced Note Brokering Skills (keeping a piece of the action) and Beginning Note Investing.

In this 2-day intensive workshop you will be walked through step by step, in depth, analysis of a note transaction, the risk factors involved, accurate note calculations, determine your own pricing, how to buy your own notes, and thorough due diligence with proper documentation..

*Home Study Course in Development

Secrets of Paper 301 -  $997.00 Live Three Day Workshop (Dates, locations, times TBA)

Secrets of Paper 401

This will be an Advanced Continuation to the Secrets of Paper series.  A live hands-on workshop taking you from note broker that earns FEES to a note investor/buyer who earns yield and creates passive income and cash flow.  The focus will be on the three categories the notes you buy should be divided into, due diligence, detective work, documentation, closing, funding and servicing notes.

*In Development

Additional Training Topics

  • Corporate Training
  • Starting Your Business
  • Creating Marketing Plans
  • Communication
  • Negotiating
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Motivation
  • Business Writing
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • ...and so much more...