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Responsibilities of a Note Holder

10 Commandments of a Note Holder

A Note Holder is an individual who is currently receiving payments on a note where the Note Holder was the seller of a property and had carried back a note to facilitate the sale of that property. The following is a list of some of the responsibilities of a Note Holder

  1. Keep Original Note in Safe Location.
  2. Collect the payments.
  3. Keep an accurate up to date Payment History with date paid and current balance.
  4. Track and verify annual Property Taxes are paid current.
  5. Track and verify Hazard Insurance coverage is adequate and is paid current.
  6. Track and verify any Liens on the property other than your note.
  7. Submit for 1098-int to the payor (borrower) by January 31st of every year.
  8. Notify payor (borrower) no later than 3 months prior to any principal reduction payment or balloon payment due.
  9. Observe payor (borrower) care of the property.
  10. If necessary, handle default situations, abandonment, bankruptcy, assumption, divorce of payor, death of payor, IRS liens, deficiency judgments and foreclosure proceedings quickly and accurately.

“The Note Holder’s Handbook

How to Profit From, and Correctly Manage Your Real Estate Note or Mortgage”

In easy to understand language, the many topics that are discussed in the Note Holder’s Handbook include the following:

  • How much is your note really worth?
  • Why record keeping is vital to your note’s value
  • A simple technique that can avoid tax problems.
  • What to do when the payments are late.
  • What to do if the payments stop and when to foreclose
  • A simple step you can take to verify the safety of your note.
  • How to get top dollar if you sell all or part of your note.

The Note Holder’s Handbook also includes a Handy Reference Data area to keep all of the pertinent information regarding the note in one place AND a simple to use Payment Record chart to keep track of the payments you have received..

This handbook is a must for someone receiving payments on a real estate secured note.

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