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Suddenly Foggy

Written by Jeffrey R. Armstrong – President/Owner of Armstrong Capital

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You needed to change something. You were tired of the nine-to-five workdays, the boss, the hours, the low pay, the routine, the traffic, missing your children’s events, and not having the money to do what you want with your life when you want to do it. You attended a free seminar that showed you an opportunity to make a change. You took a chance on a program that could change your life, help you start your own business, be your own boss and take control of your life. At the program they taught you about the many different income streams that can be brokered and purchased. You were given an information rich detailed course, equivalent to a semester in college, in three days. When the course was over you were transformed into a Certified Cash Flow Consultant. You left the course excited, jazzed and pumped up ready to tackle the world and felt success would be just around the corner. You went home, started your business and were just rolling along until…

The ‘until’ differs from person to person but not the experience. All of a sudden you are not sure of what you are doing anymore or why. Self-doubts appear. What seemed so clear is suddenly foggy. What’s wrong?

Actually, nothing is wrong. According to information found on and many other sources nine out of ten businesses started fail within the first year. The process of creating any new business will inevitably go through three natural stages or phases of development, each of which plays a vital role in the success of you business. While someone going through the phases alone can be done, this might be a good time to work with a mentor to help you get through the fog. This fog could roll in at any time. It might be when you start your business or after you’ve been working the business for several weeks, months or even years.

Let’s start with Phase 1, Initiation. Excitement and enthusiasm for the possibilities and the potential of your new ideas and goals characterize this phase. You feel energized and inspired to head off in a new direction. Confidence soars. Anything seems possible. Success seems inevitable. This phase gets you going. Sound familiar?

Phase 2 is Reevaluation. This phase brings in the fog. Doubts and confusion begin to cloud your confidence. You may begin to question your goals and your decisions on the feasibility of what you set out to do. This is the phase that will make or break you and your business. You can go through it alone however this would be an excellent time to solicit the assistance of a mentor to help keep you on the right path, keep your confidence level up and focus and define your cash flow business.

While seemingly unpleasant, this phase is actually very helpful. It brings you face to face with the flaws of your initial plans. As you sort through the fog with the help of your mentor, greater clarity returns as improved, revised or sometimes even totally different, but more solid, goals and plans emerge.

Phase 3 is Implementation. Once your goals and plans have passed the test of whatever impediments rolled in with the fog, your energy and commitment return and your business is underway with a new confidence that keeps you going and working towards success. You now truly know what you are doing. You are focused and confident in your plans and goals. You will be persistent in your efforts to achieve success for your business.

When the fog descends on your business, take it as a sign of progress. Slow down and reevaluate your plans and goals. Do not put your high beams on and do not quit! This is a business and you will have to work at it, test it and even change it to become and stay successful. You can tackle it alone and maybe do just fine. For that extra boost you can solicit the knowledge and experience of a capable mentor to help you find your way through the fog. Whatever changes your business requires it will bring you closer to the success you were looking for in the first place.

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