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Professionalism Quick Test

Shared by Jeffrey R. Armstrong – President/Owner of Armstrong Capital

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The purpose of this Quick Test is to stimulate your thinking about the importance of professionalism and identify any quick and easy steps you can take to polish your professional image and behavior. Simply go through the questions and answer yes or no for each question. Then check your scoring below.


Do You . . .

  1. ____ Hold the door open to let others pass through first?
  2. ____ Wait for everyone at the table to be seated before starting to eat?
  3. ____ Always chew with your mouth closed?
  4. ____ Keep your elbows off the table and avoid slurping your soup?
  5. ____ Refrain from using profanity, crude, or vulgar language?
  6. ____ Put things away and tidy up your work area before leaving for the day?
  7. ____ Pick up trash you see on the floor?
  8. ____ Say please and thanks often when interacting with others?
  9. ____ Invite newcomers into your circle of friends and conversation?
  10. ____ Lower your voice when using your cell phone?
  11. ____ Listen when others are speaking?
  12. ____ Go out of your way to welcome a new associate and ask if you can do anything to help him or her?
  13. ____ Remain patient when the person waiting on you is taking a very long time to ring up your purchase?
  14. ____ Send a thank you note on a timely basis when you receive a gift?
  15. ____ Drop someone a note when he or she is ill, has a setback, or suffers a loss in his or her family?
  16. ____ Refrain from being angry and hostile in person or in email?
  17. ____ Help someone who is struggling to put his or her bag in the overhead compartment of the airplane?
  18. ____ Allow someone waiting on a side road to enter the road in front of you (assuming it is safe)?
  19. ____ Take time to fix your hair, press your clothes, and polish your shoes before going to work?
  20. ____ Arrive a little early so you can start work on time?
  21. ____ Arrive on time for your appointments?
  22. ____ Check your work before you turn it in and deliver it on time?
  23. ____ Exercise self-control when someone cuts you off in traffic or gives you a repugnant hand gesture?
  24. ____ Tell the truth, admit your mistakes, and avoid being defensive?
  25. ____ Avoid yelling or raising your voice to make your point or get your way?
  26. ____ Always transact your affairs with people and organizations in a fair and an equitable manner?
  27. ____ Avoid speaking or referring to people in a derogatory or mean tone or style?
  28. ____ Act in a humble manner and avoid bragging and talking about yourself and your accomplishments?
  29. ____ Avoid gossiping and spreading rumors?
  30. ____ Invest some of your own time to develop your personal skills and expertise?



            29-30 yes answers – Mastery/Outstanding – a true professional

            27-28 yes answers – Satisfactory/Acceptable – professional in most respects, needs minor polishing

            25-26 yes answers – Intolerable – behavior is not professional and several areas need attention

            24 or less yes answers – Counterproductive – behavior is not professional and is limiting progress, growth, and opportunities

The above Quick Test is based upon the book, Professionalism Is for Everyone, by James R. Ball, and related seminar from The Goals Institute where he is president.

For information about the book or related seminars and available trainer resources, please visit


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