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Phone Tips for Note Brokers

Phone Tips to move your Note Holders to Action

When helping people get started in the note business I can help you with the marketing and get your phone to ring.  What I am not usually able to do is be on the phone with you and listen to what you are telling or not telling to your note holder prospects. 

Are you looking for some phone sales tips to have better outcomes with your note holders? Well then, here are some easy phone sales tips that will help you build rapport with your note holders and move them to the next step. These straight-forward yet often overlooked phone sales techniques are back to basics principles AND work all the time.

Pick Up the Phone

I was chatting with a buddy of mine who’s a note holder list broker and sells note holder leads, he’s been doing it for over 15 years. You know what he said? Most people who place orders never even market to the leads and get the note holders to contact them!  He said most don’t even open the file he sends!

What? Do people think if you just buy a list of note holders that somehow magically they will get a deal? This is crazy. Most folks who buy leads don’t market to them? What’s up with that? And even people who are prospecting or generating their own leads online or thru networking and referrals, aren’t calling their leads either. Just plain silly!

So, the first phone sales advice I have is simply call your note holders! Even if they filled out your form online, call them up to go over it with them to make sure it is accurate and get the story behind the note! Nothing happens unless you pick up the phone. Sound Good? Ok next…

Now as I mentioned here are three straight-forward tips and honestly, they should really be common sense, although tip #3 can help us all get better!

1. Know who you are calling. Really Jeff? Yes, for real. Take that extra minute or two and do some quick intelligence gathering on your note holders. I always look up the area code and say this when I call, “Hey John, 213 area code are you in LA? Awesome I know a dude there…” Or I was there two weeks ago. Or I’ll mention a great restaurant I went to in LA, etc.

In addition, I might even do a quick Facebook or Google search to look for commonalities and mutual interests. This all helps to lower the tension of a call, build rapport and identify things in common.

2. How can I help you? That’s what I ask. Unless they entered a specific request for information or I’m certain I know why their name is in front of me, I ask. No need to talk about a bunch of topics that he or she may have zero interest in, ask what they want.

What prompted them to enter their information on your online form? What’s going on? You want to know.

3. Call to action. If you are not doing this on every call just hang up the phone now.

Out of all the phone sales tips I can give you, this is #1! Towards the end of EVERY call you want the person to take action. Some type of actionable step to move the process forward.

It doesn’t mean they accept a price from you and sell you their note at that moment, but you get their commitment to take action on something. Have them send you initial copies of the Note and Settlement Statement or Payment History.

For all note professionals, brokers and investors, here are a couple more items to consider:

  • Numbers Cure EVERYTHING (the note business is a huge numbers game)
  • The phone does not weigh 500 pounds. (It really doesn’t. You know you’re texting all day and talking to folks on your phone anyway…)

So why not pick up the phone and start making money? Call your note holders when they fill out your online form. Follow up with them on a regular basis until they need the money. And if you want more closed transactions, practice, practice, practice your phone skills. Again, numbers cure everything.  Remember success demands action, keep on marketing, it’s going to work!  TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!)

Jeff Armstrong of Armstrong Capital has been a note broker and investor specializing in the seller financed note industry since 1991.  He can be reached by email at For more updated and current information on how he can help you with your note business, your note investments or to request a quote on a note you currently have visit

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