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Going to the Next Level

I have recently been taking some action to go to the next level (in life and business at this point in my life). And I often get asked by new note professionals what it takes to go to the next level. We hear the phrase “go to the next level” all the time but how often do you stop and think about what it really means for you? It’s totally a meaningless phrase unless you take action to do something about it.

I think it means taking a measurable step forward that really improves the quality of your life or business. After all, nobody wants increased stress or responsibility – generally we mean more money, more time, more fun and more success.

You need to go to the next level when you’re feeling itchy or dissatisfied or there are clear signs that what you’re doing isn’t working anymore. It also comes when you’ve mastered something that was previously scary and you’re looking for the next challenge.

I thrive on constant achievement and new ideas, so I get bored if I’m not challenging myself to try something different. It’s not always clear what to do next though, so here’s a really simple formula for going to the next level in your note business:

  • Pick one thing in your note business that’s not working or getting boring
  • Define just one or two things you’d improve about it
  • Work out a plan to get there
  • Take immediate action (even if it’s baby steps)
  • Sounds totally obvious, but we’ve all been guilty of wanting our note business to improve but having a vague hope that it will happen magically through a mysterious benefactor.

If you are trying to get your note business to the next income level, it would be the easiest to quantify. However, you’d be surprised how many people never actually pick a number, instead they just say “I want to earn more money”. Remember this, a vague request to the universe always achieves a random result.

I know you’re different, so write down what you want to earn/make/manifest in the next 3, 6 and 12 months. To truly “go to the next level” in income, you want to pick goals that are equal parts terrifying and exhilarating.

If you are still trying to go pro this is for all of you entrepreneurs that get distracted by the next shiny object (business, opportunity or investment). What’s the next step for your note business in order to make it more fun, profitable and definitely less stressful?

Maybe you want to make your website more professional, better systems, hire a virtual assistant or an actual assistant, simplify to be more efficient or maybe outsource some tasks. It can feel overwhelming if you try and do everything all at the same time, so for your own sanity’s sake – just pick one thing!

If you improve just one thing a week, you’ll make HUGE inroads and you’ll probably be motivated to do even more. But if you try and up level everything at the same time, you’ll probably suffer from procrastination and get overwhelmed. Tackle one thing at a time.

Define what you want for your note business. Is it to find a better mailing list, work with better quality investors, be better at negotiating or earn more money (again, how much)?

If you are trying to get to the next lifestyle level, well, I think this is one we can all understand. You can upgrade your car to a nicer one, you move to a town that’s more your style, you buy a boat or you buy a new house, etc.

Pick one area of your note business that’s starting to feel really stale, boring or that makes you feel poor. Then choose a new minimum standard. For example, I use my cell phone for business more and more for my note business, if you are using a really old cell phone, upgrade to a slightly fancier one. Chances are you’d feel weird going from a Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro ($99) to an iPhone 10 XS Max ($1,499), so go with an upgrade that feels achievable but luxurious at the same time.

Sometimes you can take a big leap, sometimes you have to take action that feels both affordable and achievable. Just start with the area of your note business that annoys you the most. Even if you can’t afford to take a huge leap in this area, start to manifest it by taking a test drive, visiting open houses and going to try on expensive clothes.

I’m excited to see what your “next level” looks like! Hope this helps! Remember success demands action, keep on marketing, it’s going to work!  TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!)

Jeff Armstrong of Armstrong Capital has been a note investor and broker specializing in the performing seller financed note industry since 1991. For more updated and current information on how he can help you with your note business, your note investments or to request a quote on a note you currently have visit to email him and subscribe to his weekly Note-Able Newsletter.

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