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Show Me How To Fish [For Notes]

As some of you know in addition to being a current practitioner in the note business, assisting countless individuals to success and speaking at hundreds of events over the years about our industry; I am also a tournament bass fisherman.

I heard a story year’s ago, I don’t remember where, but I often use it while speaking to motivate, inspire and encourage individuals to be open to new ideas and persistent when starting and growing their note businesses.  This month I would like to share that story with you and as you read through it think of the note business and how it might apply to you and your situation.

My granddad was a fisherman – he was a great fisherman. Every morning he’d get up, go fishing, catch the fish and sell them. It’s how he supported his family.

So you’ll hear things all your life and we all agree with them and there are some folks that don’t agree with them. Keep that in mind and that my grandfather did what for a living? He was a fisherman. Have you heard – give a man a fish feed him for the day, teach him to fish feed him for a lifetime? My grandfather hated that expression! Why? If you learned how to fish he’s out of a job. Do you understand why sometimes people do not want to teach you what they do?

Well there was one man who was amazed at my grandfather’s fishing success and wanted to learn to be just like him.  This man had what we call stick-to-it-ness – he was at the dock every day and constantly begged my granddad to show him how to fish like him– saying things like, “tell me what to do and I will do it – tell me to jump and I’ll say how high.”

He was relentless. You see this man understood the power of having a mentor; a coach who would show him step by step what to do and then he would get results.

Finally, one day, my granddad gave in and said, “Ok, meet me down here at 4:00am in the morning.” 

The guy said, “WHAT? It’s not even daylight at that time.”

Granddad replied, “I thought you said you were going to do what I wanted you to do?”

“OK fine” the man replied.

At 4am the next morning the man showed up and asked, “Okay, what are we going do?”

My granddad said, “Go out into the big lake.”

The guy was astonished, “The BIG lake?!? – everybody knows that lake has been over fished for years why are we going to the big lake?”

Granddad simply retorted, “Let’s get into this boat.”

The guy screamed, “WHAT? THIS boat? It’s a little flat bottom boat! Why are we getting into this little boat? We need a big boat! This little one isn’t even safe! Where are we going to go in THAT thing?”

Grandfather answered, “To the middle of the lake.”

And again the man argued, “Are you KIDDING me? Everybody knows there are no fish in the middle of the lake! I know you are supposed to be the big fisherman but I KNOW we have to fish around the edges not in the middle!”

My granddad didn’t say anything he just got into the boat and headed to the middle of the lake. When they were just about there he reached around behind him and pulled out a stick of dynamite, lights it and throws it in the water and “BOOM” fish start floating to the top and he starts netting them and bringing them in.

The guys mouth drops wide open and he says, “I can’t believe you just did that, this is unheard of! There should be a law against that – that is UNFAIR to the fish.”

My granddad reached behind him grabbed another stick of dynamite, lit it and handed it to him and countered, “Are you going to talk, or fish?”

The Note Industry and the Note Business itself is a very small niche industry.  We do things that most people have never heard of before and at first they may not understand until we have a chance to explain the details. 

A lot of the things that are shared with you are so powerful that it’s almost unfair to the fish (the note holders).  It turns out what we do is honest, more than fair, very legal and extremely helpful to note holders that have a need for the money and no other way to get a lump sum of cash.

Be confident in your knowledge. Learn from those who are willing to share with you. And never stop.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this month and be grateful for what you have. Remember, success demands action! Keep on marketing, it’s going to work! TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talking About!)

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