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Crucial Planning

Written by Jeffrey R. Armstrong – President/Owner of Armstrong Capital

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Lots of people talk about goals, usually long term goals or annual goals, but what about daily, weekly and monthly goals?  As a Note Broker or Cash Flow Consultant do you have a method, system or program, that you set out before hand to assist you reach your goals and deadlines for that day? Do you plan your day in advance, before you sit down at your computer to optimize your productivity for the day? Or are you one of those people who just run around like a headless chicken, wondering how you are going to do it all?

Planning is one of the most important things in any aspect of business or life if you hope to achieve something; you can not climb to the top of Mount Everest without planning the trip. You would be stuck on the mountain, freezing and hungry if you didn’t plan. We plan a lot more things then many people realize, but we sometimes fail to plan the things we think about most! You plan your route to work, what shoes you’re going to wear with that new outfit, what you are going to have for dinner, what you are going to do next weekend, but you don’t plan what you are going to do for the hours you get to work on your note business today.

With technology, our phones and tablets being so user friendly today, it has never been easier to procrastinate with just one click of a button. Browsing on the internet, watching You Tube video’s, perusing through Facebook, Twitter, playing Words with Friends, and on and on.  We tend to procrastinate more so at work, get caught up looking at that funny email our associate sent us, or go to our favorite website, and spend hours doing close to nothing for our note business. You cannot treat your note business, as a hobby because then you will only get the rewards of a hobby, if any rewards at all. You must be able to discipline yourself and treat it as a real full time business, because it is!

Creating plans, and setting deadlines are crucial to your note business, when you are at your regular job, are you allowed to file that report due tomorrow whenever you feel like it during the week? Why should you make your note business suffer because you are not serious enough to set out a plan, or to create deadlines? I have found, as I assure you many others have as well, that setting goals and deadlines increases your productivity, because it gives you something to aim for to complete your day. If you have to have something done before a certain time, it adds an element of a challenge, which I like, and hopefully you do to, because not everything in life is easy.

Daily goals and deadlines make you go that extra mile, and used regularly, the results are more rewarding.  I often find myself trying to get an article done within a time limit so I can go and go  fishing, watch that ball game or do something else that I want to.  When I do not set daily goals, deadlines, or plan my day I find myself often slacking behind on the work that needs to be done and at the end of the day feeling unproductive, unfulfilled and that I wasted the day because haven’t done much.

Even if you just write a little list on a small pad of paper the day before or the on the morning of your day, you NEED to set goals and deadlines and plan your course of action to achieve the most efficient results for your note business. If you are currently not setting goals and deadlines, keeping track of what work you need to be doing, or are just treating your home business like a hobby, quit messing around!  Either quit pretending you are in the note business or get with the game plan and play ball! Treating your business like a hobby will yield hobby results or worse, no results at all.  When you start to treat your note business as a real business, you will begin to see the true potential of your efforts and the results will follow.

Remember, success demands action! Keep on marketing, it’s going to work! TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talking About!) J  

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