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Desire Keeps You Going

Written by Jeffrey R. Armstrong – President/Owner of Armstrong Capital

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To begin the year I wrote about the Confidence in yourself and in the business that you need before you could even start to put any of your knowledge and skill into action. I gave you a Self Confidence Formula to begin to have your subconscious mind assist you in attaining the success you want. Then I wrote about Focus, the first of five factors that I believe leads to success in this industry. To remind you those five factors include Focus, Desire, Effort, Knowledge and Skill. This month I will continue and deal with Desire.

Do you know that feeling you get when you just think there is nothing else you can do, when you think you’ve just done everything that you can but nothing seems to be working and you just want to give up? Have you had that feeling about your cash flow business? At some point I think we all have. It is at this point of your business that you must continue. This is the point that separates the successful from the unsuccessful. But what on earth urges some people to continue on and others to just give up? What possesses some people to persist while some just resign themselves to accepting that they just learned some good information and wrote it off as an experience? I’ll tell you what…Desire.

Not just the normal wishing, wanting, longing or aspiring kind of desire. But a deep rooted craving, a hunger, a burning desire to succeed and not stopping until you do. In the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill he describes one of the key attributes that it seems all successful people posses, the characteristic of having a burning desire to be successful. At Cash Flow 2006 in San Francisco keynote speaker Les Brown said, “Are You Hungry”! I knew exactly what he was talking about, did you?

I don’t think desire is inherited in a person’s genes, I don’t think it can be learned and I don’t think it can be shown to a person. I do think however, that there comes a point in every person’s life that this type burning desire is created. The desire to change a position, the desire to get out of a certain situation, the desire to be or not to be in a certain place or the desire to transform what seems to be the inevitable.

I believe that everyone is capable of having this burning desire but maybe they are not able to recognize it, maybe they just have not come across the opportunity to act upon it or maybe they just settle for the inevitable because they think that is how it is supposed to be. If you really want to be successful at something you must have that burning desire to succeed and stop at nothing until you do. Success is defined differently by everyone. But once you decide on what success is for you, you will do everything you can and you will keep trying different things until that success is reached no matter how long it takes.

Sometimes you have the burning desire for awhile and then it seems to fade away. To keep that burning desire at its peak you will need to have something that reminds you of why you had the burning desire in the first place and to keep it going; a picture, a letter, a story, a book, an article, a song or a movie. Attending the annual Cash Flow Convention is a great way to keep that burning desire fueled. The book Think and Grow Rich is what had kept me going in the beginning and what still keeps me kept going fifteen years later. When I feel the desire fading I read the book again or listen to it on a CD. You need to figure out for yourself what will keep your burning desire going. Without it you will not succeed.

Desire can be interpreted and used in many ways. The most basic definition of desire is to long or wish for something. But you can’t just close your eyes and wish you need to do something about it to make the wish come true. Are you hungry or do you just want a snack? Harness the power of your own burning desire and see where it takes you.

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