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Workshops, Training, Speaking, Consulting

Jeff is a recognized and requested speaker on seller financed notes, marketing, motivation and inspiration at industry conventions, conferences and events nationwide. His enthusiastic and encouraging style as well as his step by step approach has quickly made his Secrets of Paper workshops top rated and one of the most sought after note courses in the country.

Each of Jeff’s workshops are redesigned, current and completely updated at every presentation. Loaded with recent transactions, real deals and current industry information – no workshop or event is ever exactly the same!

Secrets of Paper 101 – 1 Day Beginner’s Introduction and Overview of the Note Business

Secrets of Paper 102 – 2 Day Marketing for Notes and Calculator Skills

Secrets of Paper 201 – 3 Day Advanced Beginner’s Seven Step Process

Secrets of Paper 301 – 2 Day Intermediate level – Advanced Skills, Product Knowledge and Beginning Note Investing

– Secrets of Paper 401 – Coming Soon!

– Science of Marketing – Exact Defined Details of Successful Note Marketing

– Push The Partial – The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

– From Night Crew to Knight – Motivation

– Consulting $400/hr (unless different deal worked out)

– Speaking and Training nationwide $50 per person per day minimum $1,500/day + expenses (unless different deal worked out) – can be any of Jeff’s workshops for your group or a topic of choice

– Keynote motivational, inspirational and uplifting address or agreeable custom tailored specialized topic $3,000 + expenses (unless different deal worked out)

Contracts required – must be paid in full before event.

Contact Jeff at 800-845-3055 or email to discuss and schedule your event today!