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The Art of Target Marketing

For Note Holders – Video Series

5-part series with over 2.5 hours of detailed information!

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In this live video recording of Jeff’s ‘Art of Target Marketing For Note Holders’ workshop Jeff shares with you his most successful tried and tested extreme details of marketing for note holders.  You will learn from his over 20 years of marketing experience for note holders the fine points of his current marketing efforts and discover what it really takes to become a Note Professional.  This information alone will save you years of experimentation and testing and thousands of marketing dollars.  Get on the fast track to success as a Real Estate Note Broker and watch these videos today!

Video 1 – 27:29 – Introduction and Jeff’s Story

Video 2 – 31:52 – Marketing is just like bass Fishing!

Video 3 – 36:09 – Direct Mail

Video 4 – 36:09 – Direct Mail (continued) Classified Ads, Direct Contact, Referrals

Video 5 – 25:29 – Referrals (continued), Note holders Handbook, Internet

Get access today for only $99.00!