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Note and Cash Flow Calculation Combo

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TValue software and the manual usually priced for $127.00!

This is the indispensable software program for anyone interested in the time value of  money, the note business or investing. Use it for analyzing complex cash flows and  generating very professional amortization schedules. The applications of TVALUE  amortization software for the  note broker, note investor, real estate investor, etc. are  endless.

Solve virtually any problem involving time and money.

TValue software will calculate the present value (buy price) of virtually ANY payment  schedule at any desired yield:  straight, ARM, skipped payments, balloons, annual  payments, quarterly payments, variable interest, reperforming notes you name it.  Just  try to stump it — you can’t. It will even calculate the present value of a note where payments change every month!

With TValue amortization software, no note, loan, lease or any cash flow is too complex. No balloon payment is too difficult to calculate. No investment yield is a mystery.  This software is absolutely indispensable — some national note investment firms insist note brokers own this software before they will even talk to them!


Calculator Secrets usually priced at $82.00! 

Supplement with 60 extra deals to practice on usually priced for $19.97

Calculator Skills for the Astute Real Estate and Note Professional

Includes over 60 real transactions to calculate!

There are actually 265 pages in this book. You probably will not be reading through it but using your calculator as you practice and write down (on worksheets provided in the book) your calculations in each section. This book is for practice and application to get you fluent with numbers in the Private Mortgage Note Business.

TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talking About!)

Jeff Armstrong

** Keep in mind that the book illustrates calculator use with an HP 10B II calculator yet the concepts and calculations will work on other financial calculators as well. You can order your HP 10B II through or find them at most office supply stores (and yes, there is an App for the 10B II calculator as well)! 

Get this combo of all 3 products for only $188.88