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Every Single Profitable Note Marketing Idea

In The World (almost)

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Every Single Profitable Note Marketing Idea In the World (Almost)! By Jeff Armstrong & Jon Richards.

Free brochure ideas, direct mail flyers, letters, and much more. Feel free to copy and adapt the many ideas in this book.

Yes, there are powerful techniques for finding a steady flow of profitable mortgage notes. You’ll find dozens of practical tools that you can start using right away to turbo charge your note buying business.

There are thousands of mortgage notes waiting to be purchased, but most of them are junk. They just aren’t investment quality. Finding the good ones is like panning for gold. You have to wash a ton of gravel to find a nugget.

What does this mean for you as a note buyer? It means that you must have a marketing plan in place that will generate a steady flow of mortgages for your consideration. A powerful marketing plan!

In this influential book you will learn the inside secrets that successful note brokers have been using for years to build a successful note business.

In this manual you will learn

  • All of the important ways to spread the news about your note buying service.
  • How to contact note holders.
  • How to develop a pool of professional referral sources who will send you notes, and you can pay them a referral fee from you commissions.
  • To build your business through centers of influence.
  • To use the media in a low cost way.
  • How to use the Internet in creative ways
  • About telemarketing without pain.
  • How the professionals develop a profitable direct mail campaign.
  • To develop niche note markets no one else is taking advantage of.
  • Plenty of marketing materials you can copy and improve on.
  • Several ways to use a “Note Holders’ Handbook” in your marketing.
  • About note negotiating, unusual note profits, making presentations, and
  • Much, much more.

You’ll see examples of letters, postcards, brochures, flyers, ads and other original promotional material that would cost you hundreds of dollars to create. This material is original with us and we authorize all of those who purchase this manual the right to use any and all of these tools to promote your note business. It will give you the kind of results you have always hoped for.

This manual Is filled with priceless techniques, tips, plans and examples to generate a flood of cash flows to your office. We’ve kept the price so low that you just can’t afford not to have it. Order right now so you can put these powerful tools to work for you as soon as possible.

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Digital Workbook $47.50