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Jeff Armstrong is a published

Children’s Book Author!

Inspired by countless escapades and memories with his family and friends, Jeff taps into his experiences with a child-like curiosity. With a flair to transform events into children’s stories, children and adults alike will want to read his books over and over again.

Books are written by Jeffrey R. Armstrong
and Illustrated by John Eslick

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Noah loved to play soccer with his friends. He had a lot of fun but was never able to do much more than run back and forth. Until one day, his father helped him discover inner strength. Follow along with Noah as he joins a soccer team and discovers his “Red Noah”.
*Reinforcing self confidence, determination, courage and a can-do attitude.

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Have you ever wanted a pet rock? What if your pet rock could be more like a real pet? Follow along in this cute children’s story as a pet rock is slowly transformed into a California Desert Tortoise. Wouldn’t that be great!
*Reinforcing the use of imagination and creativity.

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