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Calculator Secrets

Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced

Calculator Skills for the Astute Real Estate and Note Professional – Includes over 60 real transactions to calculate!

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eBook available for only $82.00! 

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There are actually 265 pages in this book. You probably will not be reading through it but using your calculator as you practice and write down (on worksheets provided in the book) your calculations in each section. This book is for practice and application to get you fluent with numbers in the Private Mortgage Note Business.


“Before I bought your calculator book I was having trouble with anything other than fully amortized notes. Now I am able to calculate all different kinds of notes! The repetition and real worksheets were extremely helpful. Thanks Jeff for another great Note Industry tool!” ~ D. Jarege, CA

“…there is NO WAY I would be able to calculate the numbers for these notes on the worksheet if it wasn’t for your calculator book! Out of the 7 note worksheets I submitted, 4 needed calculations I learned in your book! No deals for me if it wasn’t for you.  If someone is interested in getting in the note business, learning the calculator is STEP ONE! ‘Calculator Secrets’ showed me what I needed to know about the numbers.” ~ L. Eck, CA

This book is written for cash flow consultants, note brokers, note buyers, note investors, real estate agents, real estate brokers, mortgage brokers, private lenders, hard money lenders and any person who has ever been confused by note, mortgage and loan calculations that want to learn how to use the HP 10B II calculator for their business.  There are other calculators out there that can calculate the same things we are going to learn how to do but I have found the HP 10B II calculator to be the simplest of them all.

Most people hear the word calculator and immediately get the feeling that they can’t be in the note business because they do not know how to use one.  The simple fact is that the calculator that we use and the things we need to do with the calculator are very simple.  When we use the HP 10B II calculator we are usually only using five of the forty buttons that is on it.  Repeat after me, “the calculator is my friend, the calculator is my friend, the calculator is my friend…”  J

Whether you have never used a calculator before or if you use a different calculator Calculator Secrets will walk you through the process of calculating the term, payment amount, remaining balance, balloon amount, interest rate, yield and much, much more.  You will work through Beginning, Intermediate and finally Advanced calculations by following a simple step by step process and each new thing you learn will be followed by actual worksheets of real life transactions for you to practice on (and we may have the answers for you also).  By the time you are finished with this book you will be a calculator wizard! J

TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talking About!)

Jeff Armstrong

eBook available for only$82.00! 

Supplement with 60 extra deals to practice on for only$19.97! 

In the book itself there are Beginning and Intermediate sections where we have identified 14 types of notes as well as situations you may run across while working your business.  Then in the Advanced section we work on calculations for the investor minded and those who like a challenge.

Just look at the Table of Contents:

eBook available for only$82.00! 

Supplement with 60 extra deals to practice on for only$19.97! 

** Keep in mind that the book illustrates calculator use with an HP 10B II calculator yet the concepts and calculations will work on other financial calculators as well. You can order your HP 10B II through or find them at most office supply stores (and yes, there is an App for the 10B II calculator as well)!