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A Day with Jeff

At Jeff’s Place of Business in the Note Business Trenches


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Nothing like this has EVER been offered in the Note Industry before… EVER!

This program is only for serious “A” players who are ready, willing and able to use the information learned and assistance provided by Jeff to start, grow or expand their business.

You will actually spend 2 full days and 3 evenings with Jeff working, watching, learning and experiencing what happens in a top rated note investor and note broker’s day.  Serious insider secrets from a 21 year veteran and current practitioner in the business!

DAY 1 – On the first day you will be working with Jeff one-on-one on YOUR business, masterminding together at Jeff’s home.  We will create a detailed action plan before you arrive for you to get the very most out of your day and you can discuss anything with me including but not limited to:

  • Marketing • Negotiating • Calculations • Closing • Due Diligence • Note Investing •
  • Business Implementation • Planning for Success • Personal Development • Mapping out your Future • And More •

Day 2 – On day two you will go bass fishing with Jeff on his 21 foot Triton 250hp bass boat. The collaboration and discussions will continue as we have some fun and hopefully catch some nice bass (catch and release only)!

And of course your lodging and all meals are included (you would have to arrange your own flights into Las Vegas, NV airport if necessary).

You should plan on 3 nights and expect to arrive the afternoon/evening BEFORE day one and leave the day AFTER day two. (For Example: arrive Thursday evening depart Sunday morning OR arrive Sunday evening depart Wednesday morning, etc.)

In addition to the invaluable time spent with Jeff you will also receive exclusive personal assistance from Jeff before and after your two days time together for as long as it takes to get you off and running with your business.

That’s not all, when you leave you will go through the entire One-on-One Mentorship Program with Jeff to solidify everything you have learned and put it into action.

AND, in an UNPRECEDENTED offer NEVER BEFORE SEEN in the Note Industry, about 2-3 months after your visit with Jeff he will come and VISIT YOU in your home town to make sure you are on the right path, see your progress and keep you motivated to succeed!

TWITA! (That’s What I’m Talking About!)

It’s the Mentorship Program times 1000!

Plus you will receive the redesigned and completely updated Note Business Complete Starter Package which includes all the following products:

Scripts and Tips (with industry documents disc)

Every Single Profitable Note Marketing Idea In The World (almost) (with the Note Holders Handbook on disc)

Personal Cash Flow Prosperity (with 2 audio CD’s)

The Note Holders Handbook

Calculator Secrets (with over 60 transactions to learn and practice on)

Secrets of Paper 101 Audio Series (Beginner’s Introduction and Overview of the Discounted Note Business)

Glossary of Private Mortgage Note Terms

– Countless secrets, handouts, guides and extras!

– $25,000 for one person, $30,000 for two people, +

– Only serious “A” Players

Must be paid in full prior to arrival

A Day with Jeff program fee: $25,000.00 – Paid in full prior to arrival.

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