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“I just finished reading your article “Private Mortgage Broker Reality” in the latest issue of Cash Flow and wanted to drop you a quick note.  The message in your last paragraph–that note brokering is a business–cannot be said or heard too often by brokers and investors alike.

I was moved to write, however, because that professionalism is evidenced in every aspect of your work. I’ve recently witnessed this first hand.  We were short-staffed due to illness so I dusted off my own, rusty coordinator skills and processed transactions–including one of yours.  Your package was complete, well organized and easy to follow.  As a result, it moved quickly through the system.  When I commented on this fact to one of the coordinators, she noted that your deals are always like that and that she’s never had to follow up twice on any issue because you take care of everything the first time.  That sort of diligence makes our work easier and helps us to provide better service in return.

The straightforward, honest and fair attitude is a great first step towards success but it truly works because you put in the hard work to back it up.  I just wanted to let you know that we at Metropolitan appreciate both.  It is truly a pleasure to work with you.”

Marnie Schroer, Production Executive, Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co., Inc.

“…I worked with Jeff.  He was my mentor for a few years to learn the industry.  I can’t say enough about him taking that role as a Master Broker and helping a new broker develop clients… He was local as well, so he showed me the ropes in the real world.  We did several deals together…Jeff was very negotiable with his fees, so that wasn’t an issue with me at all.  He provided me with the support I was looking for so it really worked out very well…”

Len Archibeque, Million Dollar Club Member, Baseline Funding, CA

Your materials are excellent and very helpful, off the charts as a matter of fact. Your knowledge is like that commercial, “priceless”!!! Thank you for being you. T.W.I.T.A!

Michael Bochis, NJ

“…I know I sent you an e-mail thanking you for helping me get into the cash flow industry.  I had to send you this personal note, because the e-mail didn’t seem like enough!  Your realistic approach went a long way towards relieving my skepticism and allowed me to be comfortable with my decision.  I will always be grateful…”

John, Pinnacle Capital Funding Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA

“…Your session at the convention was one of the best I attended.  Your entire presentation was masterfully done…thank you for the help you have so generously given to Susan and me regarding information on note purchasing…”

Doreen, The Doran Group, NY

“…I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all of your guidance and assistance with closing my first transaction.  Your world-class professionalism, tireless work ethic and vast knowledge of the note business made closing this transaction not only easy, but fun and exciting.  Your Master Broker Services are truly an asset to anyone starting out in this business.  Thank you!…”

Kevin Hammer, Encino, CA

“…As a new broker, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the resources you provide, such as e-mail and telephone updates on the progress of my first transaction.  As well as the mentorship of explaining the in-depth details of the transaction process and the “whys” of how it is done.  I appreciate your attitude toward stewardship and discipleship you are showing a fledgling, such as me, trying to learn to fly in the discounted note arena.  These qualities show through in your writing style, website and in your continued availability to guide me towards the goal of reaching the Million Dollar Club.  I will continue to refer business to you and use your outstanding services for my future transactions.  In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “You are number one on my speed dial”!…”

Paul, RJL Financing Group, CO

“…Working with you has been very helpful to me as a beginner in the Cash Flow Industry.  I highly recommend your “Scripts and Tips” (book) to any consultant in the field.  Having your book on hand has made it easier for me to communicate with my prospects.  I also highly recommend you to other beginning consultants especially the ones that were overwhelmed by the information overload in the three day ACFI seminar…”

Ed, EBSI Corporation, CA

“…thank you for your help and patience in guiding me through my first real estate (note) transaction.  I was treated with respect and understanding from the shaky beginning to the end.  I was ready to let the deal go when the prospect said no, but you encouraged me to find out why he was not willing to sell.  The second time was the charm and we closed the deal 2 weeks later.  I would recommend Jeff Armstrong in any situation to deliver fast, honest and efficient service… I will continue to use Armstrong Capital in the future…”

Jim, Horizon Global Funding, NV

“Jeff Armstrong is a true mentor for Private Mortgage Note consultants. I had heard about Jeff’s’ services as a Master Consultant for Private Mortgage Notes on an ACFA conference call. I contacted him when I was about to send out my first direct mail piece. He offered great advice from what materials to use to tactics in how to improve my response rate. Once deals started
coming in, Jeff taught me the ropes, introduced me to funding sources, guided my communications with sellers, and helped me negotiate the best possible deals for the seller and me. In the three months since I contacted Jeff, I have closed 3 deals, earned over $6500, and have 6 other deals in progress! I directly ascribe it to his guidance and expertise. It pays to learn from a Master Consultant!”

Aaron, Osmond Capital, WA

“…As a new broker, I cannot thank you enough for your help and dedication to others in this business.  You truly are a MASTER Broker.  I appreciate your willingness to answer my questions and teach me.  Your guidance and experience are second to none!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skill and patience.  Without your assistance, my first deal would never have been possible….”

Suesan, Desert Funding, AZ

“…I have been in cash flow consulting for a couple of years and have worked with several funding sources, with various results and experiences.  I have found Armstrong Capital to be the most responsive, professional, supportive, and helpful funding company.  My choice for a “One Stop Shopping” source for all cash flow transactions is now Jeff, at Armstrong Capital…”

Kian, Monetas Funding Consultant, WA

“…I’m a note broker who tries to stay current on the latest and greatest when it comes to marketing methods and finding new business. I had the opportunity to read your books, “Scripts and Tips: A Handbook for the Serious Note Broker”, and “Every Single Profitable Note Marketing Idea in the World (Almost)”.  They are without a doubt the most practical, easy to follow handbooks for making money in the note business. The sample letters were easy to tailor to my specific niches and your marketing methods have already taught me how to be more efficient with my mailings. The Scripts and Tips book has proven particularly valuable while peaking to prospective customers, and in planning my conversations ahead of time. I’ve read the books several times through and they’re proving to be worth their weight in gold!…”

Craig, Cornerstone Funding Services, CA

“…Awesome seminar! Jeff knows it all and shares it all! It doesn’t get any better than this. Thanks Jeff!…”

E. Quinn, CA

“…Wow! Absolutely amazing and through course. You’ve definitely equipped us all to go out there and begin to build a successful note business. Thank you so much!…”

J. Sinclair, CA

“…If you are going to do the note business and don’t attend Jeff’s workshops or buy his books GET YOUR HEAD CHECKED!  Listen to his exact words, they tripled my results.”

M. Prados, CA

“…Before I took the workshop, I just wanted to learn how to better assist my husband. Now I want to do my own deals and have a little friendly competition!..”

M. Distad, CA

“…The workshop was great, and I feel much more confident about advising my folks as they contact me. Thanks for being so willing to share your ideas and advice!…”

T. Henning

“…one of the most promising and inspiring workshops I’ve ever had the pleasure to associate myself with. I learned a lot of the things to incorporate into my objective as a business owner, as well as someone new into the Note Industry.”

J. Magnum

“…I enjoyed the tips on starting the Note Brokering business i.e., developing a marketing plan, setting goals, etc. I also enjoyed your enthusiasm and humor. Thanks so much!..”

B. Ferre, UT
“…Jeff has a friendly, easy going, real, common sense approach and I learned a lot and enjoyed the workshop…”

D. Stanz, CA

“…Thanks Mr. Armstrong I really liked the workshop, it was very informative. I’m a lot clearer on what to do and what to look for. One of my main concerns was locating where the seller financing owner’s name was placed. Now that you cleared that up for me I wont be wasting time looking in the wrong places…”

A. Alcala

“…I just wanted to take a moment to thank Jeff Armstrong for all his help and support in walking me all the way through my very first note brokering transaction! For any beginners out there let me just say that Jeff is the real deal. No hype or fluff, he gives you the good, bad and ugly of the note business and doesn’t hold back any punches.  Any materials you can get from him or attending one of his workshops will be the absolute best investment for your note brokering career. Here’s to ya Jeff, TWITA!

D. Hernandez, NC

“…Enjoyed the class, learned a lot and now ready to kick off the note portion of my business. Thanks so much for being willing to share your success with us.  Please develop SOP 301 & 401 ASAP!…”

C. Miller, GA

“…I am so glad I was able to make it to your Secrets of Paper 201 class! I had no idea how much calculator proficiency would impact my ability to do notes. I was able to calculate a 30 yr amortization with a 10 year balloon by only a few numbers! I would have never dreamed that was possible…and I couldn’t have done it with out you!

A. Distad, CA

“…We attended the Nouveau Riche University in 2007 and 2008. One of the classes we attended was Seller Financed Notes taught by Jeff Armstrong. Jeff did an extraordinary job of instructing us on the subject. Best of all Jeff offered to mentor anyone who was interested in becoming a notes broker. Jeff lived up to his word. Since leaving the College we have been in contact with Jeff several times a week and he has been guiding us every step of the way to becoming a note broker. You do not get this kind of support with any other learning Institution I know of. Ever thing Jeff said was true. We started sending out mailings at Jeff Instructions, he said be patience and people would call. The calls started coming in faster than we could every imagine. We have several deals in the works at this point and we  couldn’t be more pleased. Thank You Jeff.

G. & F. Mackin, IL

“This is a GREAT strategy especially in today’s market. Since taking your class last year, I’ve already expanded my real estate business by showing Realtors how powerful this selling strategy can be to their bottom line as well. I look forward to seeing you again very soon TWITA!!!!.

A. Dickson, FL

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