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Master Buyer Information

Armstrong Capital
Post Office Box 672
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405
Email address:

Master Buyer/Broker: Jeffrey R. Armstrong
Phone 818-865-2322, 800-845-3055
Fax 818-449-4840

What We Buy:

We purchase performing existing first position notes secured by property where the seller of a property carried back the note to facilitate the sale of the property.

Type of Information Requested:

  • Worksheet (Mortgage Worksheet or Armstrong Capital’s or AC Online Worksheet)
  • Exact address of property on which note is held with nearest cross street
  • For a firm quote please include the name, address (if different from the property address), and social security number of the buyer, if you do not have this we will still give a soft quote.

Length of Time Needed to Assess a Deal:

Same day quotes on most deals


Brokers will usually be contacted by our office within 24 hours of receiving your completed worksheet or the next business day.

Types of Debt Instruments Considered:

Mortgage - Trust Deed - Land Contract (Contract For Deed)

All real estate secured notes

Types of Real Property Accepted As Collateral:

  • Single Family Residential - Multi-Family - Commercial
  • Land (improved and unimproved) - Mobile Homes WITH land
  • No co-ops or properties with hazardous waste potential

Geographical Preference:


Minimum of one month seasoning is required.

We usually DO NOT do:

Simultaneous closings

(minimum 1 month of seasoning)

Non-Performing Notes

(will consider in very, very, very few select areas)

REO's, Tapes, Packages, Portfolios

(unless they are true Seller Financed Notes from an individual)


(we do not give, create, originate or otherwise lend money in any way)

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