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Marketing and Website Advisor Programs

Being in the Cash Flow business as a Note Broker and private investor for the last 16 years, Master broker, requested industry speaker and as the Editor of the NoteWorthy Newsletter I have heard it all.  I have heard all of the reasons why people give that they do not succeed in this business.  Things like:

  • I tried the business and it doesn't work

  • I sent out 100 letters and got no responses, it doesn't work

  • I put an ad in the newspaper one weekend and no one called, it doesn't work

  • I got 3 calls and no one wanted to sell their note, it doesn't work.

  • I tried talking to realtors and they didn't have any notes, it doesn't work.

  • I sent a letter to some referral sources and they didn't refer anything to me, it doesn't work

  • I talked to a person with an ad in the paper and he didn't want to do it, it doesn't work. 

  • It's too expensive to do marketing.

  • It takes too much time to do marketing.

  • Marketing is hard, I can't make a good letter, I don't know what a good ad would be, I can't create a good website and I don't know if it will get me any responses.

  • I have a website but I don't get any deals from it, it doesn't work.

I have come to the conclusion that the number one reason people do not succeed in this business is that they do not do the right kind of marketing (and enough of it) to get results. 

The most common question that I get every week from new people in the business is, "What is the best way to market?" My standard answer is that there is no one best way to market.  The best way to market is to have a marketing plan with 3-5 marketing methods working for you at any one time. Over the years I have tested and retested many, many ways to market for the cash flow business.  In short, a marketing plan might consist of a core of five different marketing methods.  They might include: Direct Mail, Referral Network, Classified Ads, Networking and a Website.

Your marketing must include both online and offline methods.  Some people may think that you can just put up a website and you are marketing online.  Others may think that you can send out 100 letters to note holders and that is enough.  Still others may believe they can put an advertisement in a paper and that will bring them dozens of leads.  They would all be incorrect. 

Being in the Note Business since 1991 I have done just about everything you can think of and more when it comes to marketing the note business and have become a seasoned note marketing professional.  I have helped countless brokers and consultants fine tune their existing marketing plans as well as help them get started.  I have seen first hand the true success rate of people in the cash flow industry.  I believe the number one reason people do not succeed in this business is that they do not do enough of the right kind of marketing (and enough of it) to get results. I thought about how I might continue to help brokers and consultants get better results from their marketing efforts. 

So I designed a plan for both new and seasoned people in the business to get assistance with whatever kinds of marketing they wanted to do.  In essence taking what I have done for years and what I have seen other people have success with and paring it down to give us the same good marketing results but on a smaller scale that is both more affordable and efficient for the typical note broker and consultant. 

We developed several different programs because there just wasn't a way to create one helpful marketing program that would cover all of the different in depth aspects of marketing for one cost effective price.  We are ready, willing and able to assist you in the following programs:

For more in depth specifics, information and pricing just click on the program name below.

  • If you are a seasoned veteran or new to the business, everyone can use this service.  We will review and analyze your current marketing efforts for maximum efficiency with our Marketing Assessment Program.

  • If your marketing plan is in place and your offline marketing is going well but you need some assistance with just your website and your online marketing then the Website Advisor Program is for you!

  • If you have been in business for awhile but never got a website or you are new in the business and you want an original website to be created for you with information rich original content that would give your business more credibility and give your clients round the clock access to you and your business then the Custom Website Program is what you need!

  • If you already have a website, any kind of website (but especially one for the note business and cash flow industry), and your offline marketing is doing well but you want to optimize your website and online marketing to contribute more to the bottom line then the Expanded Search Engine Optimization Program will help you do accomplish your goal!

  • If you have a decent website and your offline marketing strategy is working but you think your methods need a tune up or a once over.  If you think that if you could have your online and offline marketing methods analyzed and that a few changes here and there would really ramp up your website traffic and responses your marketing for peak efficiency. If you think that if a few things could be tweaked on your website and in your offline marketing strategy then your business could really take off then the Marketing Advisor Program would help you optimize your entire business marketing plan!

  • If you've been thinking about finding someone that would initially analyze your marketing plan, optimize it and then track it for you to make sure the marketing strategy is producing the anticipated results and tweaking it along the way then the Monthly Marketing Advisor Program is what will help you ramp up your business!

  • You can combine the Marketing Advisor Program and the Website Advisor Program together to get total optimization and efficiency out of your business with the On and Offline Marketing Advisor Package.

  • If you are just starting out or do not have a website and want the full boat of online and offline marketing assistance including all of the above then the Complete Marketing Program is what you need to jumpstart your business!

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Marketing Program Price List

  • Marketing Assessment
  • Website Advisor (1 month)
  • Monthly Marketing Advisor (Per month)
  • Expanded Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Website (All Original Content)
  • Marketing Advisor (2 months)
  • On/Offline Marketing Advisor Package (3 months)
  • Complete Marketing Program (3 months)

$ 297.00
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not available at this time

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not available at this time
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not available at this time

Marketing Assessment: only $297 - Would you like to know if your current marketing is up to par?  You will receive a complete analysis of everything you are currently doing.  You will confidentially submit to us all of your ideas and current marketing materials (i.e. letterhead, envelopes, postcards, form letters, brochures, advertisements, website address, handbooks, leaflets, etc.) and we will review it all and make suggestions if necessary for you to improve your marketing efficiency.  It will then be up to you to put it into action or use the advisors to assist you with implementation and follow through.

Website Advisor: only $1,197 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) – Don’t settle for less! Maximize your lead generation efforts with increased monthly revenue from your online presence. If you have your own Website and simply require expanded or revised Website content, improved home page customer engagement tools, plus expanded SEO for better organic search engine placement – then this is for you!

Expand your volume, strengthen you search engine traction, better qualify your leads, improve your consumer engagement processes! You’ll get expert SEO feedback & key next-steps strategy.

Custom Website creation: only $1, 497 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) – Drive more sales revenue online. Own a professional Website that really works! The key is first impression generated by your home page – it’s now time to maximize that impression! Rank higher than your competitors on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Materially improve sales prospect response and home page sales performance. Maximize your online sales potential by greeting online prospects with your ‘best foot forward’!

Program Includes META tags and ALT tags, 4 pages of original Website content (SEO-friendly keyword-rich pages, 250 to 300 words per page) plus complete design and tech execution, linking strategy, keyword density analysis, and robust navigation.

Additional Website content pages – original SEO-based, keyword-rich content, with headers & customer quotes - $497 per page (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME).

Marketing Advisor: only $1,997 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) – Over 2 months Geoff's team will ramp up your monthly sales numbers by better qualifying visitors to your site – while increasing your inbound online prospect traffic. You’ll improve your visitors’ on-site experience, which generally equals higher response and close rates.

Upgrade your short and long-term marketing strategies, ramp up your search engine presence; plus review and launch other relevant targeted direct response marketing programs. You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your existing marketing strategy, home page visitor engagement and sales performance capabilities, sales conversion process and potential; plus direct online competitor analysis and plan of attack. On and off line marketing strategies, campaign launch, and four 30-minute conference calls included.

Marketing Advisor covers (where appropriate) lead acquisition, co-registration and co-brand partnerships, direct mail, print classifieds, online classifieds and Yellow Pages, search engine optimization (SEO); AOL, Google, MSN, and Yahoo search engine marketing (SEM); Pay-Per-Call, targeted online publisher campaigns; affiliate partner strategy; etc.

Expanded Search Engine Optimization (SEO): only $1,097 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) – includes added powerful SEO layers, links, keyword-rich headers, effective SEO page content, testimonials, etc. Improve and expand your free organic search engine listing visibility & traffic to your Website

Monthly Marketing Advisor: only $1,197 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) per month plus campaign expenses. Monthly reporting – extra $250 per month. Minimum 3-month commitment. 6-month discount – $997 per month.

Reduce wasteful, over-priced traffic to your Website – improve the quality of your inbound traffic while getting the most out of your leads. Increase your revenue incrementally, month after month, by driving higher quality, more targeted prospect traffic to your Website every month.

Off line marketing (e.g., print, classifieds, direct mail) plus Online Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Call, personal finance publisher campaigns, etc). Professional direct response strategy and campaign management with one 30-minute conference call per week covering strategic planning, campaign targeting and optimization, tracking feedback & campaign next-steps.

Includes (where appropriate) lead acquisition, co-registration and co-brand partnerships, direct mail, print classifieds, online classifieds and Yellow Pages, search engine optimization (SEO); AOL, Google, MSN, and Yahoo search engine marketing (SEM);Pay Per Call, targeted online publisher campaigns; affiliate partner strategy; etc.

On and Offline Marketing Advisor Package: only $2,797 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) – Combine the Website Advisor and Marketing Advisor packages for 3 months of tracking and optimizing to make your current marketing plan as efficient as possible.

Complete Marketing Program: only $3,297 (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME) - New Website creation, Website Advisor, Expanded SEO plus Online & Offline Marketing Advisor: a $12,500 value by standard industry pricing. Complete On and Offline Marketing Strategy including all of the above such as website strategy and execution, plus direct response campaign planning and initial launch execution. Full Website execution, plus direct response campaign planning and set up.

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