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Note Appraisal Request

Jeff Armstrong provides Nationwide Valuation Appraisal Services for Secured and Unsecured Promissory Notes. 

If you need a Valuation Estimate or an Appraisal of today’s cash value of your secured or unsecured notes, for the purpose of Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Income Statement Preparation, Balance Sheet Preparation, or any other purpose we invite you to fill out and submit this Appraisal Request form:

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Why a note or cash flow appraisal?

For the following reasons (and more):

  • Estate Planning
  • To save you or your clients from overpaying taxes.
  • A note in an estate being probated may need to be appraised.
  • Notes invested in a pension/profit-sharing plan may need annual valuations.
  • A client may be receiving payments from a  personal injury settlement.
  • Perhaps one party in a divorce settlement accepted a note as his or her share.
  • When a client needs to sell part or all of a note for cash, he or she may want an independent source to set a price on a note. The math is only a part of the valuation process.

“Jeff, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you for your assistance, promptness, and expertise in providing me with an excellent professional appraisal. I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to others.”

~ Elizabeth P.

What are some examples of note appraisal situations that we can help with?

  • Secured or unsecured notes
  • Business notes with/without real estate
  • Seller Carryback notes from sale of real estate
  • Seller Carryback notes from sale of a mobile home
  • Promissory Notes–Trust Deeds–Mortgages
  • Personal notes
  • Gift notes
  • Bank notes
  • Commercial notes
  • Property settlement notes
  • Partial Interest notes
  • Real estate notes
  • Performing notes
  • Discounted notes
  • Non-performing notes
  • Defaulted notes
  • Inheritances
  • Estate notes
  • Probate notes
  • Intra-family notes
  • Installment notes
  • Demand notes
  • Divorce notes
  • Royalty payments
  • Lottery winnings / structured settlements …and more.

What determines the value of a cash flow or a note?

Many considerations are taken into account when determining the vale of a note or cash flow, such as:

  • Equity in property securing the note
  • Payment history of payer
  • Priority of debt
  • Type of property
  • Condition of property
  • Note terms
  • Credit of payer
  • Value of the collateral (if any)
  • Property location

…and more.

TWITA!  Thank you for your Note Appraisal.  Your level of professionalism, responsiveness and knowledge of the industry is truly outstanding.

~ Jacek N.

Fill out the above form today and depending upon your specific circumstances, we will give you our preliminary thoughts on your situation; give you a firm price for the services before starting; help you understand what you are to receive and when you are to receive it.

“Thanks Jeff, your appraisal was extremely helpful for the conversion of my IRA! I appreciate your diligence and thoroughness.”

~ Noel S.

To find out how we can assist you in appraising your Note or Cash Flow, simply fill out the Appraisal Request Form above.