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Secrets of Paper - The Definitive Note Business Resource

The purpose of the Secrets of Paper is to provide quality information and educational opportunities through superior products and action-oriented workshops.  Our vision is to help you to create a rewarding Note Business through specific opportunities, products, seminars, workshops, newsletters and conventions.  Each product and event below provides the latest and the most current information to help develop your Note Business knowledge base and encourage you to take a more active role in brokering and investing in real estate secured notes.


Note Business Mentorship Program

One-on-One with Jeff Armstrong 

Produced by Secrets of Paper - the Definitive Source for Note Business Education

Written by Jeffrey R. Armstrong – President/Owner of Armstrong Capital

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Note Business Mentorship Program

One-On- One with Jeff Armstrong



Mentorship Program

For specific individual detailed guidance toward your success we offer hands on, one-on-one Mentorship Program with Jeff Armstrong. On our first call we will customize a mentorship program for to move you towards your personal goals.  At a minimum, some of the things we will usually cover may include:

Getting Started - Business focus, Strengths and Weaknesses, Who You Know, Finances and Ideas

Marketing For Notes – Advertising, Direct Mail, Referrals, "Every Single Profitable Note Marketing Idea in the World (almost)" and Your Marketing Materials

Good and Bad Notes – What is a Good note, What is a Bad note, Types of Property, Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, Firsts, Seconds, Wholesale and Retail

Analyzing Notes – Completing a Worksheet, Additional Info Needed, Full Purchases, Partial Purchases and Split Options

Presenting the Offer and Negotiating – Presentation Options, Objections, Price Letter and "Scripts & Tips"

Packaging an Accepted Note Transaction – Proper Packaging for Quick Approval, Submitting to Funding Sources and Assisting with Closing

You will receive:

  • Six ½ hour phone sessions (sessions usually run much longer)
  • Assistance with refining your marketing materials including business cards, letters, postcards, brochures and website.
  • Exclusive, hands on, step by step, one-on-one assistance with Jeff Armstrong in marketing, negotiating (including conference calls with note sellers if the situation warrants), packaging and closing your first 3 transaction with Armstrong Capital acting in a Master Broker/Buyer capacity and giving Mentorship students priority treatment.
  • 6 months of e-mail and telephone support

Plus you will receive the redesigned and completely updated Note Business Complete Starter Package including:

- Scripts and Tips (with industry documents disc)

- Every Single Profitable Note Marketing Idea In The World (almost) (with the Note Holders Handbook on disc)

- Personal Cash Flow Prosperity (with 2 audio CD's)

- The Note Holders Handbook

- Calculator Secrets (with over 60 transactions to learn and practice on)

- Secrets of Paper 101 audio set (Beginner's Introduction and Overview of the Discounted Note Business)

- Glossary of Private Mortgage Note Terms

(If you already have all of the above products you will receive a $300 credit towards the cost of the Mentorship Program)

Mentorship Program Fee:        $4,997.00 - Paid in full in advance.

Call today for initial consultation, time schedules and session availability.


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