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Secrets of Paper - The Definitive Note Business Resource

The purpose of the Secrets of Paper is to provide quality information and educational opportunities through superior products and action-oriented workshops.  Our vision is to help you to create a rewarding Note Business through specific opportunities, products, seminars, workshops, newsletters and conventions.  Each product and event below provides the latest and the most current information to help develop your Note Business knowledge base and encourage you to take a more active role in brokering and investing in real estate secured notes.



 Written by Jeffrey R. Armstrong – President/Owner of Armstrong Capital

Your favorite Master Note Buyer – Straightforward, Honest, Fair…

Jeff has written many articles to help brokers with their note businesses.  Click on an article to read:


Starting Your Business


Stocking Shelves to Stocking Cash

Inspiring Success

Hawaiian Attitude

Success By Association

Suddenly Foggy

My First Deal

Notes - The Hidden RE Niche

Why Doesn’t it Work

Time On The Water

Note Biz Soloprenuer

Refresh Regardless

Things I Wish I Had Known

Naturally Self Starters

What’s Holding You Back

Survive And Be Successful

Move Forward With Notes


Interviews With Jeff

Cash Flow Exclusive Interview

Paper Source Interview

Jeff is a Children's Author

Recession Buster Survey

Focus Leads to Success

Desire Keeps You Going

Effort Makes It Happen

Knowledge and Skill

Master Consultant - Strategic Ally

A Pledge for Ethics

Five Ethical Ways to Increase Profitability

Veteran Shares Insight

Never Assume

Why Use A Master Broker

RE And Notes Are Connected

Top Note Broker Mistakes

What Are Your Reasons

Private Mortgage Broker Reality

So You Think You Can Be a Note Broker?

Cell vs. Land Line

Confidently Setting Goals

Are You Prepared To Do The Time?

Forming a Team

New Confidence for the New Year

Things Are Looking Up

A Resolution That You Can't Break

Cash Flow is a Family Business

Decompress Don’t Stress

Survival Tactics For the Note Business

Cash Flow Cash Crunch

Note Success in a Recession

Success or Duress

Realistic Expectations

Stimulus for Notes

What Makes a Good Mentor

Professionalism In The Note Industry

Thankful for the Note Business

Professionalism Quick Test

Metropolitan - An Inside View

Crucial Planning

Goodbye to My Favorite Funding Source

Smile and Listen





The Purchase of Notes – FAQ

Communication Secrets

Interviewing a Mortgage Note Funding Source

Make The Most of Every Deal

Persistence Pays

Don’t Hide The Facts

Jack of All Trades or Master of One

Keep in Touch

Ready to Be a Note Professional

Customer Service

Support System for Note Brokers

All About the Numbers

Qualifying SFN Leads

The Three P's

Scrubbing Leads the Private Mortgage Way

Transaction Canceled

Not all Deals Close

How To Use A Price Letter

Mind Your Note Business

After Yes

Follow Up Is Critical

How Good Deals Go Bad

Perplexing Payor – Real Deal

Balancing Life and the Note Business

Note Closing Hurdles

Do More Business With Partials

Tips, Tricks and Treats

Packaging a Note Transaction

Put More Green In Your Pocket

Keep A Piece Of The Action

The Risks Of Holding A Mortgage

Know and Grow Your Note Biz

Lessening Obstacles

Good, Bad and Ugly

Retirement in Notes

Growing Is Knowing

So You Think You Can Buy a Note

Business Note Basics

Time Management in the Note Biz

Options For a Low Appraisal

One Way To Determine the Value of a Note

Building Toward Retirement in Notes


Note Industry News


Direct Mail Do's and Don'ts

Use Your Tools

Cultivating Referral Sources

Building a Referral Network

Are You Doing Any Deals?

Back to the Basics – Marketing

Marketing Results

The Skill of Marketing

Marketing – Repositioning and Reactivating

The Truth About Direct Mail

Tracking for Maximum ROI

The Ideal Note Holder is Critical to Success

Old School vs New School

Direct Mail Step By Step

Make Marketing Count

California Licensing Issue



That Was Then, This Is Now

Note Business Technology

Where We Are Now

The True Note Market

Legislative Awareness

Here We Go Again - Wrong!

Three Reasons To Sell Your Note

2014 Seller Financing Regulations Explained

Only Give What You Get

Push The Partial

Can I Get a Little More?

Just Smile And Listen

In Negotiations, Both Sides Should Be Winners

Note Biz Seesaw

Ordinary or Special Guests

Examining the Mind of the Note Holder - Part 1 of 3

Examining the Mind of the Note Holder - Part 2 of 3

Examining the Mind of the Note Holder - Part 3 of 3


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