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Advanced Seller Data Services

for Seller Carryback Note Holder Lists

Email Scott Arpan for all the details and order form!

Special Note List Pricing for Jeff Armstrong’s students, subscribers, brokers and associates.

10% off our basic list price plus exclusive fields offered only to our most advanced customers

Jeff’s students will receive 10% off our current prices, minimum order is 1000 leads (prices effective May 2015):


                                       Number of               Normal Price

                                 Records Ordered               per lead

                                      1000 – 1499                       $ .20                  

                                      1500 – 2499                       $ .17

                                      2500 – 4999                       $ .15

                                      5000 – 7499                       $ .12

                                           7500+                             $ .10

Records for this package normally include: 1) Note holders name and most current mailing address;

2) Sale date; 3) Property Sale Price; 4) Loan to Value; 5) County the property is located; 6) Property use

As a bonus, Jeff’s students receive additional information. This information is not available to most brokers. Use it to enhance your marketing and packaging of every deal.

Privileged information includes: 1) Balloon / maturity date of loan; 2) The buyer’s names; 3) Property address (when available); 4) A more detailed property type description; 5) Location of the document in the county’s records.

The Advantages of buying marketing lists from Advanced Seller Data Services

1. All duplicate names are removed from every list we send you so you don’t pay for the name twice.

2. We track your orders to pick up your mailing list right where you left off so you never miss a lead and you will never receive the same record two times in separate orders.

3. All seller’s mailing address are the most current available from the USPS. Nearly 15% of all people change addresses every year and will not receive your message without an updated address.

4. We guarantee 100% of all names we provide have carried a note for their buyer.

5. We attempt to eliminate notes you cannot purchase including

·         Notes that have already paid off

·         Notes from rehabbers and developers, unless you specifically request them

·         Second position note

6. No long term contracts to tie you down. Order lists as you need them

Email Scott Arpan for all the details and order form!

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